The Mueller Thread

The Mueller Thread

By OZY Editors


Because the past can help tell us where this unprecedented presidency is headed.

By OZY Editors

You’ve heard OZY’s hit podcast series The Thread, which makes surprising connections in history and has hit the top 10 in Apple podcasts while earning critical acclaim. Now OZY is launching a new weekly column weaving together the strands of the sprawling investigations around President Donald Trump. Welcome to The Mueller Thread.

The series is written by Sean Braswell, voice of The Thread and OZY’s senior writer and resident historian, who has been closely tracking Trump’s rise since the 2016 campaign.

When news happens in Mueller’s investigation, the various congressional inquiries or the probes into how the FBI has gone after Trump, we step back and make the connections across history — from Watergate to Iran-Contra to President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment. We tie together and contextualize the multifaceted inquiries that touch on everything from Trump’s charity to his private life.

Each screaming headline of a new microdevelopment in these cases is crying out for context and has led to a numbing effect among even the most ardent news consumers. OZY is doing what it does best: providing unique insight and depth beyond the news alerts and typical talking heads. Our approach is rigorously multipartisan — tackling every angle, and digging up surprising insights with no presuppositions about guilt, innocence or what constitutes a witch hunt.

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