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Because the next best thing to hearing Obama opine on the party … is his old voting puppetmaster.

By Carlos Watson

The Dems look to be in trouble, at least after the Democratic Party took a brutal hit in last week’s red-state bloodbath. Onetime Obama campaign maestro Jim Messina sat down with OZY co-founder and CEO Carlos Watson to talk about the future of the Democratic Party. Messina, who rarely does interviews, acknowledged his party has some work to do after losing at least seven Senate seats and more than a dozen in the House. 

But he does offer one glimmer of hope: The party will have to return to its historical roots — namely, winning that old labor vote by speaking a stronger economic language. Which means the left might stand a chance if blue-collar America swings … blue.  

Part 3 of this OZY exclusive will air Friday.

Video by Tom Gorman
Cover photo by Sammy Dallal for OZY

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