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The Enduring Curse Célèbre of Madonna

The Enduring Curse Célèbre of Madonna

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because she’s never going to go away. Never. Ever.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Madonna Louise Ciccone, all 56 years of her, is never going to go away. She hit in 1983 with a record called, fittingly enough, Madonna, and from that moment on, Madonna has been all about Madonna, and without fail she has been much better at being Madonna than many other Madonnas and Madonna wannabes.

But isn’t it about time for her to stop — or at least give us a break? Is that too much to ask?

Apparently it is, since as of press time we’ve seen Madonna onstage with Jay Z complaining about how they’re not rich enough — then clarifying that this is not about her, Madonna, getting richer, but about artists not named Madonna getting richer.

Then she went on to say her name a few more times: Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. Like a prayer. Or a mantra.


OK, I made that last part up, but we didn’t make this up: When she signed the Tidal manifesto with Jay Z, she couldn’t just lean over the podium and sign the symbolic document like everyone else onstage. No. She crawled on the table top to sign. Which is exactly how I sign for everything — restaurant and hotel bills, speeding tickets, the back of my credit cards. 

So the question remains: Is there nothing we can do to get her to go away?

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