The Complete Tony Blair

The Complete Tony Blair

By OZY Editors



The former prime minister talks about leading from the center, executing change and hope for the Middle East – all in one place.

By OZY Editors

That was quite an interview former British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave to OZY recently. “Off-the-hook awesome,” tweeted one reader. Declared another: ”TAKE NOTES.”

Blair’s wide-ranging conversation with OZY founder and CEO Carlos Watson ranged from lessons in leadership to tips for the GOP. 

Here’s the complete interview and downloadable audio from that fascinating talk. And if you’re in a hurry, highlights are below.


Part 1 – Leading from the Center

Tony Blair took a losing party and turned it into a political powerhouse. In this clip, he talks about how to pull off radical change while also pulling a country together. It turns out Blair is very up-to-speed on American politics and has some surprising advice for the GOP.

Part 2 – The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership

From personal experience to advising dozens of developing nations, the U.K.’s former prime minister shares his keys to executing on real change. Blair knows a lot about how to get things done – and when the stakes are the success or failure of an entire nation, you need to know your priorities.

Part 3 – Middle Eastern Message

Does democracy stand a chance in the Middle East? Blair believes it does, but only if the U.S. and Europe take a more active role there. Hear him make the case for ongoing involvement.