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Because the evangelical fire moves fast in the Iowa campaign.

By Carlos Watson

The Carlos Files is an ongoing OZY series with life lessons, commentary and advice from OZY co-founder Carlos Watson.

Has the Donald’s day come and gone? After dominating the national polls since July, billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump now finds himself eclipsed — both nationally and in Iowa — by that other rock star political outsider, Ben Carson. Carson’s lead is admittedly still within the statistical margin of error, but the gradual erosion of Trump’s dominance and Carson’s incipient rise illustrate just how dynamic, fractious and unsettled the Republican field remains.

Will Trump change his tack? Can Carson’s lead translate into victory in the Iowa caucuses in February? Which candidate is waiting in the wings to next catch the shifting evangelical fire? OZY co-founder Carlos Watson catches up with senior deputy editor — and Iowa native — Pooja Bhatia to get the latest intel on this raucous caucus race. 

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