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Because people don’t necessarily need to be poor to need a helping hand.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Once upon a time, even Elmer J. Fudd could be lauded as a millionaire just by owning a mansion “und a yacht.” Now? No one even puts your name on a list unless you have a billionForbes’ latest listing of the world’s billionaires holds very few surprises within its spread of old money, new money and, well, money money.

But this is much less about them and what they have and can do, and much more about us and what we have and can do. For them. You think it’s easy being a billionaire? Take it from $700 millionaire P.Diddy: “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” A plaintive statement well-put by a humble man that is nothing if not a cry for help. Help anyone with half a heart must heed. Won’t you, please? Watch this video to learn how. Because if we can save even one billionaire it will be well worth it. Thank you, and God bless.

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