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Because do you want to be the last to know when Ragember is all the rage?

By Eugene S. Robinson

Fall’s upon us, and soon winter wonderlands will abound.  But while considering which hat and scarf combo to rock in colder climes it dawned on us: Most of our holidays – explosions of some kind of joy, commercial and otherwise – are slaved to the so-called seven deadly sins. From Thanksgiving’s gluttony and Christmas greed to Valentine’s lust and Labor Day’s sloth we were left to wonder what the hell happened to the remaining three.

Sure, while you can’t spell APE without Anger, Pride and Envy, and we’re not sure what the hell this means either, the reality of it is our holiday tableau will not be complete without an OZY-esque rendering of the remaining remembrances. So, for a healthy heaping dose of philosophically significant celebrations, welcome to OZY’s celebration of each and every one of the seven-so-deadly sins. You won’t be mad you did. Unless it’s Ragember. In which case all bets are off.


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