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Dating, like most things, goes better with a principled approach.

By Breed

We like to meet and make romance happen — that’s been the way of our species since the time of the caveman. The dating game has taken many forms, from dance cards to disco to today’s online dating meat market. Yes, dating today has gone the way of many things in 2015 America: commodified and packaged and marketed. And now they tell us a third of the people on Tinder aren’t even single!?!

But don’t fret: True love still exists out there, no matter how many swipes right or left it takes to find it. And you can help yourself along with some etiquette, because there are always rules to the game. Breed has five excellent pointers for you, which we suggest you apply immediately. Unless you’re one of those married people on Tinder, in which case … we have nothing to say to you.

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