Should We Allow Doping in Sports? We Asked, You Answered

Should We Allow Doping in Sports? We Asked, You Answered

By OZY Editors


Because Russia is banned from the Olympics this month. Should it be?

By OZY Editors

OZY's electrifying TV show serves up provocative questions each week.OZY's electrifying TV show serves up provocative questions each week. We want to hear your thoughts:

Last week, we askedShould performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports? You answered, and here are your thoughts, edited for clarity.

Robert Arnold, Spokane, Washington

The idea of the contests is to test the people, not the substances they’re taking. Performance-enhancing substances have no place in any sport or contest.

Mike Majic

All athletes use performance-enhancing products. When the sport and competition take over, only winning matters. Do what you have to do — without restraint. This is the only way we will achieve undisputed champions and get past cheating. No accomplished athlete is pure. Stop watching if you can’t handle the consequences.

Tom Hill, Midland, Michigan

Why not? Athletes and their handlers are always looking for something to give them an advantage anyways.

Tomas Sabaliauskas 

Allow everything … and watch marathons where participants inject adrenaline while high on meth, some die while running, some after crossing the finish line. Allow HGH [human growth hormone] and anabolics … and watch how premature heart failure, liver and kidney failure and joint trauma skyrocket. At the moment, at least they must “go clean” for a few weeks, and ensure high-quality, clean products are used. So if you want a dirty death match, it would be easier to make parallel Olympics — an Anabolimpic Games, if you will. As for the time being, testing clean is part of the competition. And it’s not a bad thing.


Conley Boyd, Xenia, Ohio

I remember the Olympics in the ’60s, when a camera panned across the backs of female swimmers waiting to dive in. When it came to the East Germans, the width of their shoulders jumped dramatically. A reporter said something to [an East German coach] about how deep [the swimmers’] voices were … she said, “We came here to swim, not to sing.”

William Bailey

Everyone on the Russian Olympic team has been tested and cleared of any doping. Shut up and enjoy the games.

Matt Karst, Nashotah, Wisconsin

Short answer: yes. They are already used in every level of sports by almost every athlete. When people hear PED, they think steroids, but that’s usually not the case.

Douglas Bunn

You’ve still got to hit, catch and shoot the ball. No steroids will help you do that. They still have to have skills in fighting — juice don’t give you the skills, juice only enhances what skills you have.