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Should the U.S. Be a Christian Nation? We Asked, You Answered

Should the U.S. Be a Christian Nation? We Asked, You Answered

By OZY Editors


Have a little faith?

By OZY Editors

OZY's electrifying TV show serves up provocative questions each week.OZY's electrifying TV show serves up provocative questions each week. We want to hear your thoughts:

Our question last week delved into faith: Does religion have a role in politics? And should the United States be a Christian nation? Here are your thoughts, edited for clarity. 

Robert Boyce

The U.S. was founded on the principle of religious freedom, and by instituting Christianity into the law (even more so than it already is), we would be not only marginalizing non-Christians (even more so than they already are), but also disobeying the wishes of the Founding Fathers who are so often the topic of conversation when the right wing so often discuss what they perceive as wrong with this nation.

Kristina Hughes

Indeed, the U.S. should remain a Christian country. It’s what we were founded on after all. It’s what makes us proud to be who we are. 

This does not mean that in our country, we allow things that are inhumane, even though they might be part of someone’s religion. Case in point: Sharia law and the cutting off of [the] clitoris of young women. This is cruel and inhumane, and when minors are subjected to this violation of their body, it should be 100 percent illegal, and those who force this should be prosecuted. 

Those who live in our country should be appreciative that they are here, worshipping, and should not then tell us Christians that we cannot celebrate our holidays. Just because we are open to allowing others to worship does not mean we should have to shield ourselves. We should be allowed to say Merry Christmas without feeling like it’s a crime!

William Davis

America, simply, IS Christian. The only separation is to keep the fed OUT of the church’s face. Protect freedom OF religion … NOT FROM religion!


Joe Summer

Yes, everything from our history is Christian. Our currency, the world’s benchmark, reads “In God We Trust.” We swear our elected officials in with a Bible. It is our country and our colorful, rich history.

William Harbig

IMHO there is no place in politics for religion. Nor is it right to use the law to impose religious beliefs, or behavior mandated by them, on those who might not agree or accept them. To do otherwise is tyranny.

Brittany Harrington

Religion currently does play a role in politics, but it shouldn’t. Christianity itself is hard to define; so it’s almost impossible to determine what a “Christian nation” would be. Christianity should be simply following in Jesus’ footsteps and loving thy neighbor, but instead the church has become an oppressive corporation that cherry-picks parts of Scripture to bolster discriminatory practices that keep a select few elite in power.


I’m an American living in the Middle East. I’ve lived here 30 years. Beirut, to be specific. And I can tell you people may say a problem is political, but underneath it’s always religion. We’ve had small civil wars and big ones. I’ve been through it all, and it’s always religion, religion. Scratch the surface and it’s religion. Oh, you’ll have to peel some layers away but in the end, it’s religion.  

Marty Dressel

My conclusion is that yes, religion played a role in this election. Unfortunately, as Americans watched, it was a negative role.

Joe Duffy

William Penn founded Pennsylvania on religious tolerance. On our currency, we inscribe “In God We Trust.” We say  “God Bless America.” We have separation of church and state. God has a place in our lives, and we are “WE the People.”

Allan Xiao

God doesn’t allow abortion, God doesn’t allow … Says who? In fact, who wrote the Bible? Not God …

All the wars powered by religion (ISIS, al-Qaida, Iraq, etc.). Yes, religion may be part of it, but I’m sure there were other motives. The whole WMD thing pretty much turned out to be a complete lie, but “we had to invade in order to protect and do what’s right.”

And I guess you can tell I’m nonreligious. I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican because I refuse to be associated with a herd (for better or worse). Again, our political system is rigged; the majority of citizens are basically treated by politicians like a herd of dumb (misinformed, uneducated) sheep. And religion is just another way to drive the herd.

Janet Kim 

I believe America is in a state of decline as witnessed by the Trump cabinet. Betsy DeVos and Mike Pence want to promote our nation as a Christian nation, exclusive of respecting other religions. Our country was founded on religious freedom. We are a nation of diversity, not exclusion.

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