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Because the iconic American company is trying to get with the times. 

By Carlos Watson

Can Microsoft be relevant again? That’s the question that greeted Satya Nadella when he became CEO of the tech behemoth last year. After all, while the company was posting solid revenue and profits, the technorati kept warning that the core of its business — Windows and Office — was associated with PC desktops, which supposedly are going the way of the dodo. Mobile is where it’s at these days, and Nadella’s recent write-down of its 2014 Nokia purchase was basically a white flag of defeat. 

Not exactly the warmest of welcomes, but in Part I of his interview with OZY CEO and co-founder Carlos Watson, Nadella expresses a vision for his company, rooted in its past: Microsoft was, he says, “the original democratizing force of tech,” and that sensibility is key to reanimating it. Shortly after he started, Nadella opened Office to Apple devices and made Windows OS free for small tablets and phones. Here he talks about the future beyond phones: to wearables, glasses, even holographic computing. “All of those devices need an operating system,” he tells Watson. In the meantime, Windows is absolutely relevant, he maintains. It has a billion users, and there will be more than 300 million PCs sold this year.

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