Rose McGowan: Joe Biden Is Toxic, and It's Time to Start Over

Rose McGowan: Joe Biden Is Toxic, and It's Time to Start Over

By Nick Fouriezos

Rose McGowan leaves a press conference during media mogul Harvey Weinstein’s first day in court.
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Because one of #MeToo’s leaders says Joe Biden’s time is up.

By Nick Fouriezos

For several weeks now, Tara Reade’s accusation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, when she was a low-level staffer for the then senator, flew under the radar, as formerly outspoken Democrats and media sources seemed reticent to investigate. That’s no longer the case, after a number of stories broke this week with new evidence that, at the very least, Reade told friends and family about the encounter at the time.

Now Democrats must decide what to do with a presumptive nominee who has been hit with credible allegations of assault, after four years of denouncing President Donald Trump for his own history of inappropriate sexual behavior — not to mention a high-profile showdown over the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was also accused of assault decades before. Below is a conversation with Rose McGowan, the actress and prominent #MeToo activist, about what she believes should happen next.

In light of the Tara Reade allegations, should Democrats demand Biden withdraw from the race? If not, what does Biden need to do to reassure women?

Rose McGowan: Let me be clear: This is not about reassuring “women voters.” This should be an equal issue for women and men. Otherwise, that line of thinking and questioning is deeply misogynistic, even if unwitting. Tara Reade is telling an uncomfortable truth, but it is the truth.

Imagine how she feels being someone who dreamed of changing the world by being a Democrat and public servant and then a powerful senator comes along and destroys everything you have worked and sacrificed for. The credentials and education Tara had to have to even get hired by his office? A staggering achievement for a young woman in that time, or now.

It’s not Tara Reade’s fault that liberals prefer a molded blonde.

Rose McGowan

Joe Biden must cease his campaign immediately. American citizens have been abused so greatly by their politicians, now is the time to start over. There is a window. Joe Biden will not win. I will dedicate my time to making sure of that. There is no world in which Joe Biden can make this OK. We the people see the truth. Yes, there’s a dangerous, malignant narcissist in the White House, but what a terrible choice Americans are being given. Americans must demand better.

People seem less willing to accept the corroboration of Reade’s claims, compared to the way they rallied around Christine Blasey Ford in the Kavanaugh case. Are there merits to the idea that the “believe all women” aspects of #MeToo need to be rethought?

It’s not Tara Reade’s fault that liberals prefer a molded blonde. Christine Blasey Ford was extremely brave; so is Tara Reade. They are both doing right by their conscience and their country.

What does this mean for #MeToo and the women’s movement? This moment is very strange, where both major party candidates have been credibly accused of sexual assault. Does this feel like a setback?

#MeToo is a communication tool for survivors, not a movement. That is a willful misunderstanding on the media’s part. Joe Biden is toxic. Women, women’s issues, are not tied to Biden. Why do we forever have to be tied to men?