Real Talk: Is Oral Sex Still Sex? - OZY | A Modern Media Company


Because it’s an important part of our lives that we oughta talk about.

By Maggie Moe

Assuming we all attended middle school, we know “the bases.” But regardless of what you consider to be 1st base, 2nd base and 3rd base, surely a “home run” is universally accepted as intercourse.

But where does “oral sex” fit in to the equation? People (especially teens) today use oral sex as a means of pleasing their partner without losing their virginity. Does it count? And why is it called sex when it doesn’t involve genital penetration, anyway? If the definition of “sex” is the act in which reproduction happens, then what’s the difference between “oral” and masturbation? 

We don’t talk about sex — enough. So OZY hit the streets to get real people answering the question on our minds, in real time, um, orally.

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