OZY Video: A Strauss-Kahn Skydive From Grace

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Why you should care

Because blowing it this badly is a science.

Ceaselessly and without break, a rogue’s gallery of guys whom you’d largely expect to be free from any sort of lineup not commensurate with the A-lists they’ve grown accustomed to appearing on are now making the perv hit parade. From Anthony Weiner, David Vitter and Eliot Spitzer to the now-king-of-the-roost economist, lawyer, politician and former leading light of a political party Dominique Strauss-Kahn, our shock is now as routine as the fact that there’ll be another one before too long.

And in all likelihood, followed by yet another. The only thing surprising about any of it is that we’re still surprised by any of it. So as Strauss-Kahn goes to trial for procuring/pimping for “high-end” group sex parties, after slipping out of his criminal case for rape and paying his way out of the civil suit, we stand shocked and amazed — that they think they can get away with it and that they will try again, no matter what.

Which is what we call hope springing eternal. Sleazy hope, but hope nonetheless.


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