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OZY Takes You Ahead of the Curve in Good News

OZY Takes You Ahead of the Curve in Good News

By OZY Editors

OZY doesn’t shy away from reporting on the tough news — but we also celebrate the good stuff.
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Because the world runs on inspiration — and there’s an endless supply.

By OZY Editors

At OZY, our mission is to bring you stories that inspire as well as inform — and in doing so, we try to be the first to deliver those stories. This year, perhaps more than others in the recent past, it hasn’t always been easy to focus on the uplifting stuff when much of the world is facing major challenges (including the world itself as climate change grows ever more alarming). So today, we’ve chosen to remind you that there are countless positive things happening around the globe — by publishing 10 of our favorite pieces about people doing good, fighting for change and giving us all reason to hope for better tomorrows.

Up first is a profile from OZY’s Unapologetic series: that of an Orthodox woman who’s shaking up the traditional Jewish wig world at her Brooklyn shop. Then we jump from New York City to Pakistan, where fashion designers are using their creativity and craft to tackle stereotypes. We also reported on shifting attitudes toward Pakistan’s transgender community in the otherwise conservative country. And in France, there are signs of a major step forward for equality in reproduction with President Emmanuel Macron’s promise to extend the right to state-sponsored in vitro fertilization to lesbian couples and single women.

The fight for equality has also found its way to sports arenas — from the Women’s World Cup to this hockey star using her voice to pressure USA Hockey to increase its financial support of the women’s program. OZY was first to share the inspiring story of Michael Davis, who’s enjoying his breakout season in the NFL as a cornerback for the Los Angeles Chargers and as one of the league’s few Mexican American players. Kenya’s Fatuma Zarika has an incredible story to tell: from being a single mother of two at age 19 to winning the WBC belt, despite the corrupt boxing practices in her country and with no coach or promoter in her corner.

We share another story from East Africa, where a growing youth movement in Uganda, which has emerged almost out of nowhere over the past year, is threatening to do what the country’s main opposition party has failed to do: Unseat President Yoweri Museveni. Amid the despair in war-weary Damascus, Syria, dining out has emerged as a way for inhabitants to blow off steam. And that’s spawning an explosion of restaurants and cafés inside the fortified city limits. Urban renewal in the U.S. has a new look too: Increasingly, American cities saddled with aging urban highways are eyeing freeway caps — also known as highway lids and land bridges — as essential tools in their urban planning toolkits. 

Finally, from OZY’s series on the New Frontiers of Climate Change comes this heartening news: Europe is reviving its once sprawling network of overnight trains in an effort to combat the impact of airlines on the environment.

OZY doesn’t shy away from reporting on the tough news — but we also celebrate the good stuff. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour through some of the happier stories we reported on recently — and stay tuned for many more to come in 2020.

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