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OZY Strives to Help #ResetAmerica

OZY Strives to Help #ResetAmerica

By Carlos Watson

At a transformational time, OZY is stepping up with multiplatform journalism that meets the moment.


Because OZY is stepping up at a pivotal point for the nation.

Carlos Watson

Carlos Watson

CEO and co-founder of OZY

Things are heating up. Last night’s first presidential debate was a scorcher, highlighting many of the themes we’ve seen played out in headlines, hospitals and hearts all year: coronavirus deaths, aggression, racial inequality, police brutality and the recession.

It’s a transformational moment for America, and as I wrote earlier this year, I believe it is OZY’s task to challenge readers by asking the difficult questions about where we are as a society, what values we hold dear and what kind of change is needed to ensure that this tipping point leads to positive change. Given the racial justice protests in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, the pandemic and its resulting economic pressures — played out in the form of layoffs, evictions and mortgage defaults — OZY embarked on an editorial mission to #ResetAmerica. 

Despite being actively committed to Resetting America, that does not mean we are approaching this election in a partisan way. In fact, OZY is explicitly not endorsing a candidate this election season, and will endeavor to bring you voices from all sides of every issue. I believe that the root of so many of this country’s problems, displayed for all to see on the debate stage last night, is our inability to listen to people with whom we disagree. OZY may not be taking a side — but we are actively campaigning against echo chambers.

You’ll see that commitment in all of our powerful work this summer, including:

  • Our new BBC/OZY podcast, When Katty Met Carlos, in which the BBC’s Katty Kay and I strive to make sense of the direction America is headed. One week in and we’ve already hit No. 2 in the Politics & Government podcast category.
  • I launched The Carlos Watson Show on YouTube, where I dive deep with celebrities, intellectuals, and politicians to offer insights and many “I’ve never shared this before” moments with the likes of Malcolm Gladwell, Tomi Lahren, Gabrielle Union, Sean Spicer, Gloria Steinem and many more.
  • OZY’s Sunday Magazine, an intensive exploration of everything from the 86 angelic troublemakers looking to #ResetAmerica to great summer reads to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy to the political extremists at the American fringes. Our most recent edition examines the roots of American anger and offers ways in which we can douse the flames that divide us. 
  • Tonight, Sept. 30, at 10 p.m. EST, I’m moderating an A&E special, Voices Magnified: Locked Up in America, featuring Ludacris. The show explores the criminal justice system by talking to prisoners, former convicts, activists and experts.
  • An Emmy win for OZY and OWN’s Black Women OWN the Conversation: “Motherhood.” This important series amplifies the voices of Black women across the United States as we tackle issues such as parenting, love and health. A special thanks goes to Oprah.

And those are just a few of our projects from recent months. We have a lot more in store for the rest of the year.

American democracy is a bold experiment, but it can’t be left to regulate itself. So OZY is stepping up, and we’re inviting you to join us. We will continue to bring the fair and multipartisan journalism you’ve learned to rely on and love, but with the moral clarity to call for specific solutions. We ask that you simply come with an open mind and a desire to move forward, together.

Please send me your thoughts. I plan to read and respond to all of your messages.


Carlos Watson

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