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Because more than ever, you need to know your neighbors better.

By OZY Editors

When President Trump took the oath of office 12 months ago, these United States were perhaps more divided than they had been in decades. The cleavages weren’t just political, but struck to the core of people’s identity, and even their conceptions of reality. It wasn’t just that West Virginians and Californians disagreed politically; they seemed to occupy different realities.

In the face of such a divisive election, we decided to start an unfiltered conversation between these divided communities. For the past 12 months, OZY politics reporter Nick Fouriezos has been spending a week in each state, covering innovative people and ideas to gain a better understanding of this imperfect union.

In our groundbreaking States of the Nation project, we’ve found much that unites us — and plenty of issues that deserve more discussion inside the Beltway. After capping off the series in Hawaii this week, here we present some of the highlights of our national tour, giving an OZY take on the state of this union, just a few days before President Trump delivers his.

#1 Discover: The Pipeline Fight Launched From the Right


Eminent domain is quickly becoming the next iteration of #NODAPL activism in red states.
Why you should care: Because pipeline opposition is diversifying across the nation.


#2 Listen: The Anti-Trump Resistance Will Be Streamed on Facebook Live


One activist’s journey through the protests rocking Portland, Oregon.
Why you should care: Because America is splintering — and this man is streaming it for everyone to see.


#3 Go deep: The County-by-County Fight for West Virginia’s Soul


More divided than ever, large swaths of the nation are being reshaped — and this maligned state could show the way forward.
Why you should care: Because to start understanding rural America, it helps to go there.



#4 Meet: The Queer Pastor Riling Up Conservative North Carolina


She helped usher in gay marriage in North Carolina — but her work has only just begun.
Why you should care: Because at some point we’ve got to stop talking past each other.


#5 Long read: Can Small-Town Oklahoma Be Saved by Its Immigrants?


In rural Texas County, Oklahoma, immigration is leading a rejuvenation.
Why you should care: Because immigration is spurring economic growth in many rural communities. 


#6 Find out: Where Medicaid Cuts Could Hurt the Most


Slashes to the health insurance program in this state would be particularly devastating. 
Why you should care: Because Medicaid can be a lifesaver for many.


#7 Meet: The Criminal Justice Crusader Rebuilding After Philando Castile


The only Black lobbyist in Minnesota is rocking the boat.
Why you should care: Because unconventional actors like Sarah Catherine Walker are effecting change.


#8 Marvel: New England Is Cracking the Code to Farming — All Year Long


Community-supported agriculture is spreading in the North — and in the heart of winter, no less.
Why you should care: Because fresh veggies, winter frost or not? Count us in. 


#9 Believe it or not: Will Native Americans Take Over the Cannabis Industry?


No longer content with gambling, tribes are taking a chance on marijuana.
Why you should care: Because the budding industry could revitalize Native American communities.


#10 Check it out: Arkansas’ Manufacturing Revival Fueled by Foreigners


Although it went big for Trump, the nation’s leader in foreign investment is embracing globalism.
Why you should care: Because the future of manufacturing can be globalist too. 


#11 Last but not least: In Bernie’s State, Can This Republican Lead on Health Care?


Can he lead as a fiscal conservative in the backyard of the nation’s most famous Democratic socialist?
Why you should care: Because conservatism isn’t always where you expect to find it.


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