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Because the fate of the free world hangs in the balance!

By Eugene S. Robinson

When it comes to whether or not Hillary Clinton is running for president, the intel is all over the board. But let’s just assume that she is. And let’s further assume that the playbook to scuttle her run for the highest office in the land will only be complete when we collectively revisit the tenure of that other Clinton. Yes, we may be in for a familiar fatigue — death by a thousand cuts, dragged down in the mud of minutiae, missing the forest for the trees — but at least we can see it coming. 

It seems to us that if Hillary hasn’t prepared to deal with round two of the nattering nabobs of negativity, we for sure won’t have her to kick around during the next presidential election cycle. So forthwith: our political power guide to help her navigate the rocky shoals of another run at the White House.

Yeah. Like she asked us.

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