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Meet the Women Reshaping Silicon Valley

Meet the Women Reshaping Silicon Valley

By OZY Editors


Because they’re smashing the glass ceiling.

By OZY Editors

This week kicked off BBC 100 Women, a global initiative to celebrate women in the 21st century and tackle a specific challenge they face in the world today.

The first stop on its international tour was Silicon Valley, where OZY hosted the BBC as it tackled the challenge of women’s confidence in the workplace. The BBC assembled a team of five impressive women to lead the charge. With the help of many of Silicon Valley’s leading tech companies and executives, the team had one week to invent, develop and deliver a prototype to tackle the issue. 

Click here to listen to the BBC World Service Radio show, hosted at OZY’s Mountain View offices, which kicked off the challenge, and follow the team’s progress with live video updates here.

You can also check out OZY’s profiles of the women involved in the challenge below:

  • Dr. Rumman Chowdhury is charged with imagining what the artificial intelligence–driven workforce will look like — and processes for combating algorithmic bias.
  • Roya Ramezani is a creative strategist at JPMorgan Chase: “I work on envisioning and creating products or experiences for the branch of the future.”
  • Software engineer Natalia Margolis believes tech professionals should think less about what they can do and more about what they should do.
  • Lori Nishiura Mackenzie is a leader in advancing the dialogue on critical gender-related issues. 
  • Maci Peterson’s company owns the patent for delay and recall of mobile communication technology that covers messaging, money, email and more.

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