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Mad Libs: Can You Name Your Female Leaders?

Mad Libs: Can You Name Your Female Leaders?

By Libby Coleman


Because why shouldn’t girls run the world?

By Libby Coleman

OZY’s master of improv digs into our knowledge, or lack thereof, of all things women and politics. This is the second installment in the Mad Libs series.

Try to name a male president, I dare you. 

Oh, wait, I mean try to name a female president, prime minister or world leader. Angela Merkel? Yeah, you’re really smart. How about five female world leaders? I see you Googling. Here, we’ll help you: Corazon Aquino, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Indira Gandhi, Dilma Rousseff, Michelle Bachelet, Park Geun-hye. Shall we continue? 

The fact is, a recent Pew study showed that while women are noted as more compassionate and honest than men, only 9 percent of respondents said that women make better political leaders than men — nearly 1 in 6 said that men are better leaders than women. Ouch. If that weren’t bad enough, according to another Pew study, most nations have never had a female leader.

Not like women make up half the world’s population or anything. Definitely not. 

Video by Charlotte Buchen and Matthew Reyes.

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