Listen Up!

Listen Up!

By OZY Editors

OZY's new series, Listen Up, will tell you everything from where podcasting is truly king to who’s shaking up the world of audio erotica.


This original series will explain what’s worth paying attention to when it comes to the future of podcasting. 

By OZY Editors

Look, you’re a savvy, modern news consumer. You probably listen to podcasts all the time — you may even be listening to one right now. 

But take your earbuds out for just a minute. Our new series, Listen Up, will not only recommend new podcasts to try and creators to watch but will also tell you about some of the biggest upcoming trends in podcasting. Want to find out where podcasting is truly king, and who’s shaking up the world of audio erotica? Read on.

The One Podcasting Genre With a Majority Female Audience

It’s women — both listeners and creators — who are driving the immensely popular true crime genre, with a fan base that’s reportedly three-quarters female. But women are also the victims in a lot of these crimes, leading researchers to wonder what’s drawing female listeners to seek them out so rapaciously. 

The United States Is Not the Podcasting Capital of the World

That would be South Korea, where 58 percent of the population has listened to a podcast in the past month. The podcast’s dominance can be traced back to one particular political satire, which launched in 2011 and catapulted the medium to the top of everyone’s minds.


The Future of Erotica Is in Your Ears

Forget Pornhub. Podcasts in multiple countries across the globe are reimagining erotica for the podcast generation, with sexy stories and “guided masturbations” meant to attract and titillate a female audience … and make sexuality and erotica a feature not just of late nights but also of morning commutes.

Love Douglas Adams? Listen to This 

British podcast Victoriocity tells a madcap tale of a detective and a journalist solving mysteries in an alternate-universe Victorian London. Did we mention Queen Victoria is a cyborg in this version? 

Turning Up the Volume on Podcast Voices From the Margins

Juleyka Lantigua-Williams has long called attention to people on the margins via her work as a journalist. But when she started her own company two years ago, she walked the walk: Her work now focuses on building new and underrepresented audiences.

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