Laughing Matters

Laughing Matters

By OZY Editors


Because laughter is a constant, but what makes us laugh is not. 

By OZY Editors

Laughter is a funny thing: There are jokes from ancient civilizations that still make us laugh and jokes made months ago that no longer seem funny. OZY’s latest original series is here to unpack modern comedy: We’ll tell you some great things to watch and listen to while delving into big scandals and paradigm shifts across the comedy world.

How The Provocative Face of Stand-Up in India Was Laid Low By #MeToo

Tanmay Bhat and his comedy group All India Bakchod have had a meteoric rise in India over the past few years, breaking rules and amassing millions of online followers. But sexual abuse allegations against a comedian Bhat worked with — and the accusation that Bhat knew about it all along — have brought his career to a screeching halt.

These Comedians Refuse to Joke at Their Own Expense

Hannah Gadsby redfined the Netflix comedy special with her raw and unapologetic Nanette, but she’s far from the only person refusing to go for the easy laugh. In fact, a whole new wave of comedians who don’t fit the straight white man stereotype is pioneering a new paradigm in comedy, where instead of going for easy and self-deprecating laughs, they use their own experiences to turn the laughs around on prejudice and hatred.


Cory Sklar Could Just Be the New Face of Comedy

Sklar is a Renaissance man of comedy: He does stand-up and has a sitcom in the works, but he also podcasts and dabbles in weird meta comedy projects, like a faux startup that makes startup tshirts for people who work at startups. Dubbed by some as the anti-stand up comedian, Sklar’s work is deeply odd and sometimes uncomfortable, but undeniably hilarious.

Meet Your New Favorite Kitschy Superdetective Podcast

Eglantine Whitechapel, 1950s British secret agent, is top of her class. But if anything can put her off balance, it’s her ex-boyfriend and colleague … or the fact that she keeps having to tangle with vampires, yeti and other supernatural beings. This U.K. import is a mile-a-minute laughfest. 

Let’s Cut to the Chase

The most famous chase scenes in film history are all action, all the time, but the chase is also a time-honored comedy tradition. Check out OZY’s picks for the best hilarious chase scenes of all time.