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Castro is on his way up, and who knows how high he’ll go?

By Carlos Watson

The third in a series of videos from OZY’s interview with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro.

Few political rising stars have an identical twin — who is also a political rising star. The biographies of Julián Castro and his twin brother, Joaquin, are remarkably in sync: from childhood in San Antonio to college at Stanford, and then on to Harvard Law, and the same white-shoe law firm and their own legal shop back home. Today, Joaquin is a congressman, and Julián is a Cabinet member, both in Washington, DC. No word on whether they have telepathy.

But in this segment of a wide-ranging interview, Julián tells OZY’s Carlos Watson about the brothers’ youth and what their relationship is like today. He also reveals a prized possession — just look at that high-wattage smile — that might surprise you.

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