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Because if Jay Z doesn’t save us from his multiple millions, who will? Not Madonna, Kanye or Jack White, that’s for sure!

By Melanie Ruiz and Eugene S. Robinson

When a near-billionaire like Jay Z goes, he goes big: presidents quoting his songs, his department store sponsorship partners like Barneys reminding the hoi polloi that they’re not Jay Z. And now? His answer to Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and any and every other streaming music service on the planet.

Why? Because according to him, “The game changes forever. And it happened today.” He forgot to add the part about him and his Moses-like involvement in leading us to the promised land. But that can safely be assumed about a man who encourages us to call him some variant of Jehovah.

So now is the time to ask yourself honestly and earnestly: What have you done to save humanity? Jay Z knows what he’s done. He started a pricey streaming service with his celebrity friends so we can give them our money directly! Now that’s entertainment.

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