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Mom is our first experience of love. Most of the time.

By Tom Gorman

Anthony Hamilton is an OZY essayist. This is part of an ongoing OZY video series of conversations in his Mountain View, California, barbershop.

For many of us, our mothers were a rock in our young lives, bringing love, support and guidance as we matured. And for some of us, they were the only rock, doing the work of two parents to raise us up right. And yet for others, our mothers just weren’t there at all. 

As Mother’s Day approaches, what would you say to your mom? Anthony Hamilton brings out some honest reflections from the men in his barbershop — some of whom had a less than positive experience with their mothers. But Hamilton keeps them real, reminding them that no one is perfect and suggesting that you can avoid repeating past mistakes, so long as you find a good partner in your life.

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