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Because, like it or not, these cars are joining you on the road. 

By Tom Gorman

Anthony Hamilton is an OZY essayist. This is part of an ongoing OZY video series of conversations in his Mountain View, California, barbershop.

Automakers and software giants are steadily rewriting the rules of the road. Look ahead a decade and you’ll see more and more cars capable of driving themselves or at least helping you stay in your lane. When Tesla debuted its autopilot mode in October, thousands of cars were instantly able to navigate highways and avoid obstacles without the driver lifting a finger. It was the latest, most high-profile development in a gradual enhancement of computer-assisted ability among high-end vehicles. Lane monitoring, pedestrian detection, self-parking; this makes cruise control look like child’s play, and advocates see a safer, traffic-free driving future because of it.

But what are we losing when we let artificial intelligence take the wheel? Would you miss the thrill of driving? Do you trust software to safely get you from point A to point B? In this latest edition of our In the Barbershop series, OZY’s Anthony Hamilton asks his patrons about their hopes and fears for this driverless future.

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