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The former president explains how he “cleaned up his act” to reduce his own stress on the health system and to get the chance to meet his grandchildren.

By OZY Editors

There was a time when former President Bill Clinton was known for his less-than-healthy eating habits. But after undergoing heart surgery in 2004 and further complications in 2010, he was motivated to make a major change.

For the last few years, Clinton has adopted a vegan diet. Vegans keep to a strict diet that eschews all animal-derived products, including meat, eggs, and dairy. He credits this change with saving his life, helping him drop weight and be a better advocate for healthy-living campaigns — though he admits to indulging in a few fries now and then.

Moreover, Clinton made the change for the most personal reason: love for his family. He argues that every person of his generation should look at his or her own health choices through the same lens.

We [older people] have no right to choose lifestyles…which will impose enormous burdens on our children… It’s just not right.

What do you make of former President Clinton’s advice to his fellow baby boomers? What does the older generation owe to the next?

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