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Because redemption is more than just a movie starring Jason Statham.

By Eugene S. Robinson

In terms of punishments fitting crimes: Does Pete Rose really deserve to be banned from the Baseball Hall of Fame for life?

The charge, you might remember, is that he undermined the game’s integrity by gambling not only on games he played in (though never against his team, he claims), but also on games he managed. The whole episode and the continuing ban raise a more philosophical question: Is there such a thing as an unforgivable crime? Committed not against a people or persons, but against an idea. And an idea of a game, at that.

We don’t know, and frankly neither does Pete Rose, a Major League Baseball all-time leader in hits and games played, with three World Series rings, three batting titles and more tributes than you can shake a bat at. But we’re willing to ask. About the parameters of guilt, redemption and forgiveness. And here you thought this was all about a game.

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