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Giving Voice to the Florida Vote

Giving Voice to the Florida Vote

By Cassi Alexandra


Because every voter has a voice. 

By Cassi Alexandra

A Florida native, photojournalist Cassi Alexandra produces work that revolves around healing and has been covering the 2016 election cycle ever since the drama began to unfold with the Iowa primary. But unlike most campaign-trail photographers, who obsessively snap pics of presidential candidates as they meet, greet and kiss babies, Alexandra also spends time in voters’ homes, intimately documenting their personal spaces while they share their political opinions. 

In this special series, she profiles voters in the Sunshine State ahead of the primary vote there on Tuesday and aims to reveal a deeper understanding of what this corner of the electorate wants for the future of the United States.

Photographs and Interviews by Cassi Alexandra

I think America is healing already, but it’s about continuing that healing. Personally, I think the only way to continue that healing is to continue pushing equal opportunity and efforts that will benefit the environment and not building walls between the United States and Mexico.

Nelly Leilani Torres, actress in Miramar

What makes me anxious is all the lying that’s involved in being a politician. You really just can’t believe anything that anybody says, and I suppose that would be what makes me anxious about it.

Gus Colarusso, musician in Daytona Beach

We’re going to have some kind of civil war revolution. There’s no way around it. We can’t feed our kids. Nobody ever talks about this in the media.

Kathleen Steward, photojournalist, sailing instructor and boat captain in St. Augustine

There will not be a healing in this country. We’ve become so segmented, it can’t happen. I just hope it doesn’t end up in a situation of extreme violence between groups. But you’re not going to see a healing in this country. Politicians will not allow it. It means they would have to get along.

Stanley Ray Mitchell, retired process chemist in DeLand

Education is the key to providing a fair shot at opportunity. Education starts from the local level and works its way up from kindergarten all the way through junior college. Some of these kids go to college and can’t even read.

Cris Mitchell, retired librarian in DeLand

Freedom is not free, you know; it’s just not free. There is a price to be paid, and there are a lot of people who have paid the ultimate price for that.

Ence Spann, police officer in Sanford 


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