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These spooky tales bring you the past and future of our fascination with ghosts and horror.

By OZY Editors

Who amongst us is immune to the power of Halloween? Late October is widely acknowledged as goth Christmas, and with that comes stories of the paranormal and spooky. But humanity’s relationship with ghosts has persisted as long as humanity has — 46 percent of Americans say they believe in ghosts as of last year, and 15 percent say they’ve seen one.

This original series from OZY collects ghostly tales from decades past, along with a look at the future: The authors and designers who are taking our fascination with the spirit world (and being scared by it) into a new era.

A Ghostly Visit, or a Computer-Savvy Prankster? You Decide.

In the 1980s, mysterious messages on a computer screen in a rural cottage in the UK spared a long running ghost theory. The Dodleston Messages, as they are known, could also be an early computer hoax.

Skip This Scary Show and Read This Book Instead

Classic spooky stories are classic for a reason, but there’s a whole raft of recent horror literature to titillate you too. This guide will help you find your perfect read based on the creepy shows you’re tempted to spend your time on.

The Ghosts Who Hailed Taxis

After Japan’s deadly tsunami, cab drivers in towns marked by tragedy began to notice an eerie phenomenon: Mysterious passengers who soon disappeared? One woman decided to investigate what could have brought this on.

Get Your Heart Pumping With Paris’ Live Thriller

The Live Thriller has swiftly become a legend of Paris theater, an immersive game that’s been compared to a live video game or living, breathing horror movie. Actors accompany theatergoers on a ghostly adventure that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

When Haunted Houses Are in Your Head. Virtually

This terrifying trend takes haunted houses out of the houses and loads them into your virtual reality headset. That can mean your mind plays tricks on you, creating a scary narrative within your own house.

This DIY Spirit-Hunting Adventure Lets You Decide: Real or Not?

These terrifying tourist gems delve into the city’s spookiest corners, aiming to scare the pants off eager tour-takers. If that’s not enough, you can also dive into their podcast and website of spooky legends.

The Great Inventors Who Really Wanted to Talk to Ghosts

Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and other famous inventors around the turn of the century were fascinated by the prospect of speaking to the dead via spirit phones and other inventions. They never came to fruition, even as these great minds revolutionized 20th century technology through other innovations.

The New Queen of Horror Has Seen the Real Thing Up Close

A career with the federal government isn’t the traditional path to spooky superstardom. But that’s how Alma Katsu, who’s made a career of writing historical novels incorporating spectral elements, made it work.

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