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Christina Greer invites Karine Jean-Pierre to The Counter for a chat about U.S. elections.

By OZY Editors

Welcome to The Counter, a new video series hosted by Christina Greer, featuring the most pressing issues of the day and how they inform, reflect and affect African-Americans. This week Greer is chatting with Karine Jean-Pierre, the national spokesperson for and former adviser to President Barack Obama, about the importance of U.S. elections at every level and the impact the current administration is having on Obama’s legacy.

“[Trump’s] really doing damage to a lot of the legacy issues that Obama put forth, which are things that we worked really hard on,” Jean-Pierre says. Case in point? The judicial appointments President Donald Trump has made at the circuit and district court levels, beyond the high-profile Supreme Court shift. 


Jean-Pierre wants liberal voters to think similarly — at all levels, that is — when it comes to voting. She explains to Greer why down-ballot candidates matter, urging Americans to always have a good understanding of everyone on the ticket.

She goes on to highlight what she considers two positive developments in today’s political era. The response of women of color, she says, has been tremendous, both on 2018 ballots as candidates and within the Resistance to Trump. And Dems now have a better understanding that they don’t need to woo Trump supporters so much as fire up their own side of the aisle, Jean-Pierre says. “We just need to excite our own voters.”

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