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Because you can be both practical and stylish.

By Amanda Bungartz

Video by Scott Sinkler

Making the commitment to buy a car can feel quite daunting. And if you’re a twentysomething like Ayden, this car could be your first major purchase — propelling you into adulthood.

But, as with most major purchases you will make, you want to be happy with the buy and feel like it’s a good fit. Those same considerations apply for cars.

Having a fashionable car is fun, but you have to make sure you trade off with practical too.

Jim Manelis, Chase Auto executive

According to Jim Manelis, Chase Auto executive, the first thing to consider is how you’re going to use the car. “Having a fashionable car is fun,” says Manelis, “but you have to make sure you trade off with practical too.”

Living in a sprawling city like Los Angeles does make having a car a bit more of a priority, but if you truly understand where and why you’ll be using your car, the final decision will be much easier to make.


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