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Nelson Mandela taught us many lessons, some of them unexpected.

By Carlos Watson

As we say goodbye and thank you, we remember that he taught us all lessons about possibility – but also strength and forgiveness. There were some unexpected lessons, too – about power, language, even friends. Former President Bill Clinton recently shared one important thing he learned from Mandela that helped him to be a better president. Here are a few more, shared in the video above.I first saw the former boxer almost 25 years ago in a stadium in Detroit. I was a summer intern for the Detroit Free Press and a newly-freed Nelson Mandela had come to speak to the world. All around me, people buzzed with excitement. I remember one young woman saying she thought of his visit as her generation’s chance to see Martin Luther King. Following that freedom celebration in 1990, Nelson Mandela would go on to do what once seemed impossible, and help free his country. But now, Madiba, or Tata as he was known to many of his friends and admirers, has passed and he will be greatly missed.

Mandela holding his fist in the air

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