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Because you need a plan of attack, no matter the crisis.

By Benjamin Spoer

Earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally started getting serious about an issue that has been on many Americans’ minds recently. That issue is zombies.

This may seem ridiculous to people who don’t watch The Walking Dead (who are they?), but to the rest of us zombelievers, it’s about time we got real about zombie preparedness. The CDC’s zombie website includes some important survival tips, a cool comic book and what to put in your emergency kit.

Let’s get real, though: The CDC’s plan probably won’t prepare you for the impending zombie apocalypse. The CDC sees the hypothetical zombie apocalypse as a tongue-in-cheek way to help us prepare for natural disasters, like extreme weather or earthquakes. These disasters are (probably) a more realistic threat than zeds, and taking a few simple steps — like preparing an emergency kit with food, water, and supplies; making a plan with your family; and staying informed — can prevent a disaster from turning into a catastrophe. That said, it does seem like the CDC’s zombie plan is missing one important thing …

Video by Tom Gorman.


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