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Because the business of handling your business is serious business.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Republican senator of yore Larry Craig got busted in a men’s room. Allegedly his foot, and then his hand, strayed a little beyond the confines of his stall.

The man in the next stall? An undercover cop who apparently drew a short straw when it came to the duty roster. Craig was rousted from the bathroom and, ultimately, from the Senate, with quite a bit of fight on his part as well as public proclamations that he was not a homosexual.

But this is less about Craig’s alleged homosexuality and a lot more about the sanctity of the stall, especially since there’s a conflict at play in America right now about precisely who is in the next stall and what they might be doing in there. Come along with OZY’s Eugene S. Robinson as he goes deep, deep, DEEP into bathroom stalls, and plumb the meaning of whatever it might mean if the trans individual in the stall next to yours takes a bowel movement at the same time as you!

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