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Because Occam’s razor apparently doesn’t apply to snack foods.

By Eugene S. Robinson

One oft-neglected side effect of our modern digitization of everything is the toll it takes on our anxieties about mass. Records that used to fill a garage now fit in your pocket … along with the last 40 books you’ve read. And like Alvin Toffler suggested in Future Shock, this making of the many into one might be responsible, at the very least, for driving us a little crazy.

But what about when things go the other way and the one explodes into multiple shining shards of differing confusion? In the case of what had constituted the “plain ol’ potato chip” but now consists of more than 200 brands of potato chip insanity, would it be totally OK with the snack food manufacturers of America if we just tap out now, conceding that while we thought we just wanted some potato chips, we really had no idea WHAT we really wanted?

And if we did that, would they then promise to leave us alone instead of pummeling us with even more chip choices? OZY’s Eugenious knows all, sees all and is perfectly willing to tell you so. Repeatedly. 


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