Eugenious: Sitting in the Lap of Luxury

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Why you should care

Because your ass makes relatively few demands of you. When it does? Heed the call.

Everyone is panicking. Always. About everything. But for the purposes of this discussion, when the recession saw the number of theaters in the United States shrink from 5,928 to 5,697? You could feel industry folks start to lose it a little. Even though people see movies even during recessions, the fact that they can watch them off of their phones or tablets or streaming sweetened the panic and caused theater owners to return to what we’re going to call their “core competencies”: making the experience not suck even if the movies themselves do.

To that end? Coke machines with 100 flavors, ordering tickets online and now, very possibly the giant killer to end all giant killers … huh, what? Oh, you really have no idea, do you? Well, Eugene most certainly does and, boy, does he. Life under the klieg lights, indeed.


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