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Eugenious: Repackage, Repeat, Rerun

Eugenious: Repackage, Repeat, Rerun

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because being suckered is not so bad if you know you’re being suckered.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Bob Dylan probably said it best when he said that you had to pay to “keep from going through all these things twice” — though it should be noted that he said absolutely nothing about getting paid to go through all of these things twice.

Which is where TV in America comes in. 


If it was made in the U.K. let’s say, oh, 20 years ago, the chances are it’ll be getting recycled as Downton Abbey on TV today, since most have forgotten Upstairs Downstairs. Which was the eerily familiar/similar forebear even if it was produced in a magical, mystical decade called “the ’70s.” Then of course there’s House of Cards and The Office, shows they didn’t even bother to change the names of before they changed the locale. 

And we won’t even get into the number of Brits who have played Americans on TV — The Wire and The Walking Dead ensembles come to mind.

Not saying it’s bad, not saying new is not good, just saying really that getting closer to the original source feels both better and smarter. But to do that? Well, someone’s got to dig a little deeper than they’re digging now, don’t they?

Video by Tom Gorman.

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