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Eugenious: Primarily? The Losers!

Eugenious: Primarily? The Losers!

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because only one president is getting out of this thing alive.

By Eugene S. Robinson

There’s the high-octane burn of life both in the spotlight and under the klieg lights. The 1,000-watt thrill of posters with your name ALL OVER THEM and your Google Alert pinging every five friggin’ minutes with a blogged retweet of your most mundane meditations on toast, international policy, boxers vs. briefs, whatever.

It’s the 2016 U.S. presidential election mania, and while our obsessions tend to trend toward the winners, it’s the other end of the spectrum that pulls our eyes away as we try to ferret out an answer to the question: Well, how does it feel?

How does it feel? To be so insane to want the job in the first place and then be so soundly rejected by both the gods and the very people who tricked you into running in the first place?

“It feels … um … great?”

It does to US!


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