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Because never turn your back on New York City politics. Even in the park.

By Eugene S. Robinson

As urban planning goes, the urban plan for New York — a city so friggin’ city that you can’t keep its spaces and places straight without a scorecard — for decades seemed to be all about letting sleeping dogs lie. Until suddenly it wasn’t anymore and vast emptied expanses of its real estate became places to dump soil from various construction projects. And beyond that? Turning those soil-strewn lots into lots of places that folks might want to go. 

So from Battery Park City to Brooklyn Bridge Park and East River State Park there now exist great urban oases with ballfields, volleyball courts, open spaces and something else, pretty quickly afterward: places where humble, common people — people like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tyra Banks — can make their homes.

Can you say Trojan Horse? I knew you could. 

Parks: “Free” “public spaces” “open” to “everyone”? Suuurreeee …


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