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Because paternity is for eternity.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Quick. When’s Father’s Day? 

Look. Eugene — he of Eugenious fame — is a father, and he’s not even sure. [“I am TOO! I think,” he says. “June 21?”] And then there’s the absence of chatter about paternity leave, a raft of fathers now relegated to being diaper-bag holders and the unkindest cut of all: the idea that fathers taking care of kids amounts to “baby-sitting.” Fie on it! Not a wild-haired, wide-eyed screed but a … wait, yes, sorry: a wild-haired, wide-eyed screed about the low-on-the-totem-pole status of good fathers everywhere. 

So if you got one of those, know one of those or wish you had one of those? While this is no substitute for a good father, it is a tribute to the same. So, yes: a kind word, a smile and a cookie for all of them that gave a damn over and above the call of duty. For those that didn’t? Take a good gander at how the other half lives.

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