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Because the names may change, but the spirit of gaming stays the same.

By Eugene S. Robinson

They say you can’t go home again, but OZY columnist Eugene S. Robinson begged to differ. Here he remembers the games he used to play in Brooklyn as a little kid. Check him out on New York City’s parks here, and in Little Italy here

Don’t know quite when we started confusing complicated with cool, but suddenly the toys got more sophisticated and expensive, and kids shifted toward video, video games and other couch-based activities. Gone are the cost-free games of yore, and admonitions to “go outside and play” are generally met with a resistance even to step out-of-doors.

Yes, yes: the great outdoors. Where great games once wandered urban landscapes and kids would rather play them than eat or go home even. Games that are primed for a comeback. Right? Well, what’s the word on the street?

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