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How Erin Andrews Predicts the Future

How Erin Andrews Predicts the Future

By Joshua Eferighe



Because if there was a Tom Brady scoop no one else has, it's right here.

By Joshua Eferighe

Erin Andrews is a sportscaster, personality, actress and reporter on Fox’s lead NFL broadcasting crew. In this episode of The Carlos Watson Show, she shares her sports expertise, as well as where her journey began. You can find excerpts below or listen to the full interview on the show’s podcast feed.

The Secret Life of Tom Brady

Carlos Watson: What do you know about Tom? Because you get to see more of it up close than most of us do. Why do you think he wins so much?

Erin Andrews: I admired Tom way before this year, but after seeing what he was able to do this year? I wasn’t fortunate enough to cover Michael [Jordan]. I wish I had. That was my dream role during NBA. That’s when I fell in love with sports. But Tom right now is my Michael Jordan.

He is my opportunity to be a part of this and cover it. He has been so wonderful to myself and my crew. What separates him, I think, is first of all he is competitive as hell. I know Tom personally. We have spent some time together in the summer out in Montana, and if it’s a kickball tournament, if it’s my husband golfing with him, he wants to kick your ass.

I had to pitch on his kickball team last summer, and I was sweating bullets. He’s just so intense. Then what I hear from Troy Aikman about Tom in terms of the quarterback world is he’s just smart. He really is. He’s so disciplined in terms of what he eats, what he drinks.

Proud of him for that avocado tequila. I was like, “Yes, Tom, you’re human.”

Her Sports Mount Rushmore

Watson: Tell me about from all of your time, and I know football is where you spent most of your time recently, but before that, I know that you did other sports as well. Who are two or three of the most interesting people you’ve met in sports?

Andrews: Jeter was always phenomenal to me and always great, and I think that’s an example of just a team guy. He was just always so wonderful with everyone around him. You could just tell why he was the captain.

Coach K. I worked a lot of Duke Carolina games when I was at ESPN, Coach K as well. I talked to guys like that when I was making the move from ESPN to Fox. I wanted their opinion. I asked Coach K for advice.

I think it was at Final Four, and I just said, “Coach, I think I’m going to move on to Fox. I’d like to try to do NFL. I think this is where I could grow and get better.” And he gave me great advice and I was like, “Holy crap, I just got advice from Coach K and I’m not even a point guard.”

I’ve been around a lot of great college football coaches as well, which has been awesome to see. Pete Carroll … we’re talking about the oldest guy in the NFL here. I covered him when he was at USC and he’s running up and down the sidelines as quick as linebackers are. I mean this guy doesn’t age, and he’s the biggest rah-rah guy out there and guys love playing for him.

Watson: Now, have you ever been intimidated?

Andrews: Coach Belichick, I’m still very intimidated by him. I will say, I love being around him. He’s great in meetings. I love watching him just talk to Joe and Troy and myself.

Nick Saban, I mean, I covered college football forever. That was my first sport I covered when I got to ESPN and I was so intimidated by him. I used to stand as far away as possible with my long arms, because he’s just all business. He’s serious. He’s a lot like a Coach Belichick.

Making It to the Big Time

Watson: If you look back on your life and you do a football life on your life, or you do a 30 for 30 on Erin Andrews, why did you break through, why did you do well?

Andrews: I always heard this from Lesley Visser: Our gender got us in the door but how hard we work kept us there. And I always really appreciated that. Yeah, I’ll say that. I’m sure being a female who loves sports helped me, but there was also that target on your back, there always has been that, all right. You would have local media writing things about you, national media writing things about you. How well could you shake things off that happened to you?

But I love sports so much. I know I work hard, I really do. My mind is always going. I want to be better. I know I can be better. At 42 years old, I thought I’d be retired and getting ready to have a family, but there’s just so much I want to do. There’s so much I know I need to fine-tune about being a sideline reporter.

When I stop having the shakes or being so nervous before my very first hit on air, then I know I don’t need to be on television anymore. I think those are the reasons why I’ve done well, or maybe kicked in a few doors along the way. It’s just my passion for it. It’s organic.

Watson: If I had met you in high school, would you have told me that you wanted to be a sports reporter? Would you have told me that?

Andrews: It’s what people were signing my yearbook with: “See you on ESPN.” I was telling everybody. And as lame as it sounds, there wasn’t a plan B, there just wasn’t. I just always thought, “Well, this is the way it’s going to go.”

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