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Elvis Tribute Artists

By OZY Editors


Because we should all try to be our best passionate selves. 

For a tight-knit group of blue-suede aficionados, the Seattle Elvis Invitational is an annual reunion. These men and women have strutted their stuff in small shows and parties, in handcrafted outfits and sometimes mutton chops. And the event is only growing in popularity.

But whatever you do, don’t call them Elvis impersonators. They’re tribute artists.

Daniel Berman, who photographed this gallery, first met some of the artists back in 2009. “I’ll never forget as the night came to an end, the 20 or so Elvii inviting me into their dressing room to watch them practice the last song,” Berman wrote. For these photographs, captured at the 2014 Seattle Elvis Invitational, Berman took individual portraits before the artists took the stage.

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