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Because Black Americans have not been the first to profit from legal weed, although they paid a heavy price when it was illegal.

By Charlotte Buchen

Episode 4 of Dope Grannies, a video series on senior citizens and marijuana.

Legal pot has quickly grown into a multibillion-dollar industry, and those profiting the most are young, white and male. Sue Taylor, an African-American former Catholic school principal and ordained minister, will definitely break that mold — provided she can get a permit to open her cannabis dispensary.  First, she has to face a part of the community dead set against her plans: other older African-Americans. Taylor says they are the “hardest to convince” of the merits of medical marijuana and that for them a “drug is a drug.”  

Watch the video to meet Ridgeway Smith, an African-American senior citizen who is in hard opposition to a marijuana dispensary opening in his neighborhood.

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