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Those who may need cannabis the most don’t know how to safely find it.

By Charlotte Buchen

Episode 2 of Dope Grannies, a video series on senior citizens and marijuana.

Eighty-seven-year old Palestine Tyson and her 94-year-old sister Julia are not your typical weed customers. But when Julia, who was undergoing cancer treatment, stopped eating, her oncologist suggested that marijuana could increase her appetite. The sisters had no idea where or how to buy marijuana, but they were desperate for a solution. Palestine said she would do anything for her big sister — including approaching a street dealer to make a buy.

The sisters are part of a growing population of seniors interested in alternatives to prescription drugs, but confused by the checkerboard landscape of options when it comes to cannabis.

Watch our video, episode 2 in the seven-part series Dope Grannies, to find out what happened.

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