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Because following the filthy lucre is a dirty job, but someone’s got to track the cash train. 

By Eugene S. Robinson

Like younger siblings who have to suffer their older ones, those on the West Coast have had to endure the jibes and jokes of East Coast types who resolutely claim that California is a cultureless wasteland. We venture deep, deep, deep into the heart of Silicon Valley — Palo Alto, to be exact — on a safari seeking out just how the $100 billion of income generated by 150 of the nation’s largest tech companies has trickled out into the valley’s off-line cultural landscape.

Judging by the examples of the Carnegies, the Rockefellers and their cash-heavy compatriots, and the opera houses, theaters and other cults of culture cool that followed in their wake, one might presume that wealthy Silicon Valley would be full of the same, right? In this OZY original video, New York transplant Eugene S. Robinson goes in search of what the valley elite have wrought in their own backyard by way of culture. On a Friday night, no less. 

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