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Creating a Safe Space for Women in Mexico City

Creating a Safe Space for Women in Mexico City

By Monica Wise


If you build it, they will come.

By Monica Wise

In Mexico City, all is not calm. The women of Punto Gozadera, a lesbian feminist restaurant and cultural space, are raging. Case in point: a sign above the door reading “If you touch one of us, you touch all of us.” The sentiment isn’t just a show of feel-good sisterhood; it’s a battle cry to combat the alarming reality of violence against women here. Six women are murdered in Mexico every day, and lesbian and transgender women say they are targets.

In 2009, Mexico City became the first Latin American jurisdiction to legalize same-sex marriage, but as many LGBT people know, the signing of the legislation is merely a first step toward equal protection.

Sometimes, even our smallest forms of resistance can change the lives of others.

Mephista, DJ and co-owner of Punto Gozadera

OZY dove headfirst into the tight-knit Punto Gozadera community, one built by women for women, with art, music and programming about women.

Meet the people who pass through the space and those who stay: Mephista, a DJ and co-owner of Punto Gozadera; Mirna Roldán, the space’s cultural curator; rappers Nakury (from Costa Rica) and Rebeca Lane (from Guatemala); and many more. 

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Mirna Roldán, cultural curator of Punto Gozadera

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