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Former President Clinton presided over a booming U.S. economy and now leads business-oriented development efforts around the world. OZY looks for his insights on recovering from the Great Recession. 

By OZY Editors

What’s the fastest way to promote economic growth and provide jobs? “Bring in more immigrants,” former President Bill Clinton tells OZY’s Carlos Watson. That move alone could boost growth by half a percent, he says. New immigrants would start new businesses, which would put more Americans to work. 

If we want to sustain growth, Clinton argues, we need community colleges to serve local markets by creating curricula that train students for jobs that nearby industries need filled. 

There are creative examples to draw on from around the developing world, and even closer to home. President Clinton explains how Rwanda lifted 670,000 people out of extreme poverty in just two years, and how Mexico, a country with a population half the size of the United States’, created nearly as many new engineers as the U.S. did in the past year. 

Do you agree that these strategies could boost the U.S. economy?

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