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Because revolution is the rule. Not the exception.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Nature and human involvement in the natural world are a series of accidents, some happy, some not. And accidents are a conduit of the kind of healthy disorder that’s ordered our progress through the ages, so the illusion that order and calm are even possible is the purview of lunatics and crackpots. And yet … here we are at the end of an election cycle that shows people hungering for a return to some kind of Apollonian greatness that calms all of our chaos into a golden glowing earthly perfection.

Or, as the lovable, irascible, irrepressible and famed television racist Archie Bunker’s show-opening theme song goes, “People seemed to be content/$50 paid the rent/Freaks were in a circus tent/Those were the days.

Days free of discord, disorder and social dysfunction? Really? Nothing nasty, brutish and short? You believe that?

OZY’s rant-o-riffic EUGENIOUS might just be begging to differ.

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